The Dino Dictionary  Discover dinosaurs through descriptions, definitions, and drawings of these terrible lizards.

The Dinosauria  Find the truth about dinosaur myths and hear about current dinosaur discoveries in America,
Dinosaurs From lizard to dinosaur to bird? How has our knowledge of dinosaurs changed from 1820 to the present?


The National Zoo  Visit the Smithsonian National Zoological Park from the comfort of your home. Also find out what you can do to help save endangered species.

Kids' Planet  Animal fact sheets. Discover the life of a spider, the world of wolves, and the endangered environment.

Ocean Facts for Kids This site is full of exciting information on everything under the ocean! Take a look and find a new adventure. 

Animal Facts learn some amazing facts about amphibians, birds, bugs, fish, invertebrates, mammals, prehistoric and reptiles

Endangered Animal List This list will show you the animals that ate endangered, vulnerable, and some that are not in so much trouble.

Gladys Porter Zoo The Gladys Porter Zoo is a place where the whole family can enjoy themselves. See all the animals and make fun memories. Located in Brownsville TX buy tickets here.