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Interlibrary Loan Policy

Elsa Public Library

Elsa Public Library is a member of the Hidalgo County Library System
(HCLS), and South Texas Library System (STLS). As a member of these systems,
the Elsa Public Library may borrow material from member libraries. This service
allows the Elsa Public Library to provide access to more materials and
information that is not available in its own collection.
Interlibrary Loan is a tool to enhance access to materials, not a substitute
for developing it’s own library collection. Items in frequent demand will be
considered for purchase by the Elsa Public Library. The library will keep its
interlibrary loan policy up to date and make it available to users and other
libraries upon request.

Borrowing Policy :
Interlibrary Loan transactions occur only between libraries. Individuals
who wish to request this must hold a valid library card from any Hidalgo County,
Libraries. Patrons must be in good standing without outstanding fines or fees.
The patron is responsible for any and all loss or damage to materials
borrowed from other libraries. Although there is no charge by the Elsa Public
Library for Interlibrary service, the patron is responsible for charges or fines
imposed by the lending library.

A patron may place a request at the circulation desk. Users must complete
the Interlibrary Loan Request form. Users may place up to five requests at one
time. These requests may be submitted by telephone, fax or e-mail. Service will
be provided as quickly as possible. Turnaround time varies depending upon the
lending library and the materials requested. Patrons will be notified by telephone
or by mail if the patron does not have a telephone available. Once the patrons is
notified the patron will have two day to pick-up material if not material will be
returned to the borrowing library. Requests will not be processed if there are any
fines or overdue materials on the customer’s record.

Types of Materials Borrowed:
This is determined by the lending library. Books articles and photocopies
from materials may be requested. Some request may not be filled due to high
demand, these include bestsellers, videos, DVD, reference materials, local history
and genealogy materials.

Loan Period:
The loan period for items borrowed from other libraries is set by the
lending library, which may also impose restriction on the use of their items (such
as renewals, in-library usage, etc). Materials must be returned by the due date
listed on the wrapper, unless renewal is authorized. The interlibrary loan
wrapper on the book may not be removed except by library staff. Failure to
return interlibrary loan items on time result in the loss of interlibrary loan
privileges. Materials may not be returned to the lending library or any another

The library will maintain records of transactions in order to inform
patrons of the status of their requests and will annually report activity as required
to the Texas State Library.

Lost and Overdue Charges:
If the lending library charges a fee for a certain item, the requesting patron
will be notified prior to filling the request. Charges for the replacement of lost or
damaged materials are also the responsibility of the patrons. These costs are
determined by the lending library. If the lending library specifies that it requires
cost for photocopies or mailing a particular requested material, patrons will be
consulted about their willingness to pay before materials are borrowed.

Lending Policy:
The Elsa Public Library will make reasonable effort to loan materials to
requesting libraries. These request may be submitted by telephone, fax or e-mail.
Requests for the following will not be processed:
· Any items that currently have holds on them
· Any items that are currently checked out
· Any of the material in the special collections
· Materials in high demand
· Equipment
· Materials that do not circulated (Reference, genealogical
materials, etc.)
· Videos, DVD,
· Magazines

Loan Period:
Items will be checked out for four weeks. This allows for two weeks transit
time and for two weeks check to the patron. If a item is not reserve for another
patron, the item may be renewed. Materials must be returned by the due date
listed on the wrapper, unless renewal is authorized. The interlibrary loan
wrapper on the book may not be removed except by library staff.

Lost and Overdue charges:
The Elsa Public Library does not charge for Interlibrary service. The
patron is responsible for fines imposed by the library. The patron is responsible
for any and all loss of or damage to materials.

Contact Information:
Elsa Public Library
Interlibrary Loan Department
P.O. Box 1447
Elsa, TX 78543
Phone: 956-262-3061
Fax: 956-262-3066

Approved by City of Elsa Council: 8/15/2006