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Meeting Room Policy

Elsa Public Library

Meeting Room Policy
Elsa Public Library strives to provide library services to all citizens of the
community. One of the Library’s roles is to act as a support system and a resource
service for the community. Reaching out and encouraging groups and organizations to
use the meeting room space is part of that service.

The meeting room is available to the public served by the Elsa Public Library on
an equitable and impartial basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or
groups requesting their use. The library will not exclude any group based on the subject
matter discussed or ideas advocated. The Library does not endorse the viewpoints of
those whose works are represented in its collection, nor does the library endorse the
beliefs, viewpoints or topics, which may be the subject of meeting room programs.

A. Reserving a Meeting Room
· The person reserving the meeting room must be at least 18 years of age.
· Use of the meeting room is free.
· Meeting room must be reserve one week in advance of the activity.
· Patron reserving the meeting room must have a library card.
· Groups may wish to occasionally reserve facilities for programs in a series.
This may be possible with the approval of the Library Coordinator 
· An adult leader shall be present at all times and responsible for the
supervision of any groups of children under the age 18 using the meeting
· Meetings/programs shall not disturb persons using the libraries public areas.
· The meeting room cannot be reserved when the library is closed.
· To reserve the meeting room, an application must be filled out at the front

B. Meeting Room Rules
· The use of the meeting room by a non-library group shall not be publicized in
such a way as to imply library sponsorship of the group’s activities.
· Announcements or publicity must include as address or telephone number
other than the library as contact for information.
· Groups should allow time to arrange the room to meet their needs.
· Refreshments may be served in the meeting room. Groups reserving the
meeting room who plan to use the kitchen facilities to serve light refreshments
must furnish their own cups, plates, flatware, napkins and other needed
· Groups serving refreshments are expected to clean up after themselves.
Failure to clean up may result in loss of meeting room.
· Groups are responsible for notifying the library of cancellation of a meeting in
addition to notifying group members and/or the audience.
· Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted in meeting room.
· Failure to abide by the rules may be justification for restricting the group’s
future use of meeting room.
· The adult who books the meeting room assumes full responsibility for any
Non-library groups may not charge admission fees etc.
· Groups are responsible for leaving the room in good order.
· Attendance at meetings will be limited to the seating capacity of the meeting
room reserved.
· Groups using the meeting room will be responsible for cost arising from any
damage or loss to the library during use.
· The meeting room may not be use for social activities, private parties, and
commercial endeavors or gatherings, which advertise a product or service.
· The library does not endorse the views expressed by any group or individual
using its meeting room.
· Library activities will receive priority over all other uses and in cases of
conflict; the group having reserved the room shall be denied use during the
library activity.
· The library reserves the right to change or cancel reservations.
· The library is not liable for injuries to people or damages to or loss of property
of groups and/or organizations using the meeting room. Lost items are kept at
the library’s circulation desk.
· Change can be made to the rules at anytime without notice.

C. Reservations
If you have further questions about the Elsa Public Library meeting room use, contact
the library at (956) 262-3061.

E: Revaluation of the Meeting Room Policy
The library’s meeting room policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure that the
library’s goals and mission are being met. Part or all of the policy may be amended
during these reviews. The library director will review the policy. Designated agents of
the library’s governing entity will approve any modifications to the meeting room policy.

Revised and Adopted by City Council on September 27, 2005.